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which monitor is better? Matte or Glossy

Matte vs Glossy Monitor: What’s the Difference?

Are you still caught up in the technical confusion of whether to choose between matte vs glossy monitor?  Let’s get into the details of what’s the difference between a matte and glossy monitor screen, and which fits best for you.  We will go through the features of both and differences in their reflections, and image…


TV vs Monitor: Decoding the Best Gaming Display

When it comes to gaming, choosing the best display makes or breaks your gaming experience. A gamer’s battlefield is not just limited to virtual landscapes as it extends to the screen they choose for their adventures.   Over the past decades, there has been a never-ending tech debate over which gives the best display output –…

How to Fix Lenovo Monitor Power Saving Mode Error

How to Fix Lenovo Monitor Power Saving Mode Error (All 7 Fixes)

With no doubt, Lenovo monitors offer quite a competitive technical edge in the IT market. However, every branded gadget has its downside which can be frustrating sometimes. Users working from home usually encounter their Lenovo monitor stuck in power save mode. How To Get Lenovo Monitor Out of Power Saving Mode? If your Lenovo monitor…

image of an HP Monitor flicker lying on the table

HP Monitor Flickering: How to fix an HP monitor flickering (Complete Guide)

(Hewlett-Packard) HP is one of the biggest names in the tech industry, and well-known for manufacturing top-notch computer monitors, and laptops. Yet, sometimes their gadgets cause some issues. Some of the most common ones that HP users reported are monitor flickering. You might be stuck in the same issue and questioning why my HP monitor…

Comparing Screen Sizes for Gaming: 24-inch vs 27-inch

Comparing Screen Sizes for Gaming: 24-inch vs 27-inch

Whether to go for a 24-inch or 27 inch monitor screen? This can be a life changing decision for Professional gamers. Before making any purchase as a buyer, you need to educate yourself about tech features like Resolution, Pixels, What games can you play, user experience and more. Choosing the right monitor for an immersive…

Do LG Monitors Have Speakers?

Do LG Monitors Have Speakers? (Series & Models with Speakers)

Do LG monitors have speakers? No, not all LG monitors have speakers. Some LG monitors are specifically designed and manufactured for gamers, also known as Ultragear monitors, and have no built-in speakers. But the question arises. “Why are built-in speakers missing in gaming or Ultragear monitors?” Some of the LG gaming monitors come in low…

Do Acer monitors have built-in speakers

Do Acer Monitors have Built-in Speakers? (Acer Series Review)

Only a few Acer monitor models have built-in speakers. The Latest Acer monitor series, including Nitro, Predator, R240HY, and ED322QR, have built-in speakers. However, it is recommended to double-check before buying as it can vary based on numerous models manufactured in different regions. Therefore, do check on Amazon or the Acer website for your model….

How To Remove Dell Monitor Stand

How To Remove Dell Monitor Stand – (Works for all Dell Models)

Don’t have any idea how to remove Dell monitor stand?  Dell is one of the leading tech brands and established its name in the IT industry. The latest Dell monitor models launched in 2023 are quite smart and easy to handle. However, I noticed Dell previously manufactured some complicated monitor models that needed clarification on…

Do Samsung monitors have speakers?

Do Samsung Monitors Have Speakers? – (Monitor Model with built-in Speakers)

Samsung, a globally renowned tech brand in consumer electronics, offers a diverse range of HD monitors. Now you might ask do Samsung monitors have speakers that give high-quality audio? Samsung monitors do have speakers but in the older Samsung monitors and UltraGear monitors. However, it is hard to say that they have built-in speakers. The…

Firestick keeps restarting

Why Does Fire Stick Keep Restarting? 10 Tested & Practical Fixes!

The Amazon Fire Stick has revolutionized home entertainment forever. It is a powerful and popular streaming device. It offers its users a wide range of streaming options and entertainment content at their fingertips. However, if Firestick keeps freezing and restarting frequently, it could disturb your entire streaming experience.  You might be thinking But Why does…

Sceptre monitor stand replacement

Sceptre Monitor Stand Replacement Guide 101

Sceptre Monitors are known as one of Amazon’s top-rated monitors. This guide is for Sceptre monitor stand replacement if you don’t know where to start.  Check out this easy 4-step guide to help you remove your Sceptre monitor stand with the lessons I’ve learned practically while removing my Sceptre 24 monitor stand. This Sceptre monitor…

Samsung Tv sitting on a table

How to remove stand from Samsung monitor: Practical Step-by-Step Guide

Samsung is known globally for its top-notch monitors, high-quality display screens, and the latest features. If you are here to understand how to remove stand from Samsung monitor safely or upgrade it to a new one, then this Samsung curved monitor stand removal guide is all you need. Samsung monitor stand removal could seem like…

a picture of a samsung tv keeps going back to homescreen

Samsung TV Keeps Going Back to Home Screen – How to Fix It 

Are you irritated with your Samsung TV keeps going back to Home screen?  This technical issue is really common among Samsung TV users. No need to worry, as this blog has practical solutions, instructed with a step-by-step guide. That will help you troubleshoot if your Samsung TV keeps going back to home screen. Check this…

Image of a thermostat installed in an apartment

Installing a Smart Thermostat in an Apartment? Practical Guide

Finding a suitable apartment, flat, or condo is already a headache. Shifting to a new place, adjusting it to your needs, and installing a smart thermostat in an apartment with other smart devices can also be an added challenge.  There’s a high possibility you might find an old somewhat functional thermostat in your next rental…

Picture of italian speaking alexa devices
Smart Assistants

Can Alexa Speak Italian? Alexa Italian Guide 101

Alexa is your go-to smart home devices’ controlling software via voice commands. But… How to make Alexa speak Italian and also function over fluent Italian voice commands?  Let’s dig in deep to figure out possible solutions for getting Amazon Alexa speak Italian. Setting Up Alexa & Connecting With Smart Home Devices  Before customizing, so Alexa…

Picture of spanish speaking alexa devices
Smart Assistants

How to Change Alexa to Spanish – alexa en español 101 

Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, is constantly being updated to support more languages. Alexa currently supports 8 speaking languages, including Spanish. If you’re learning Spanish, or you just want to immerse yourself in the language, you can easily switch your Alexa to Spanish. Check out this comprehensive guide, crafted to guide users on how to change…