The Amazon Fire Stick has revolutionized home entertainment forever. It is a powerful and popular streaming device. It offers its users a wide range of streaming options and entertainment content at their fingertips. However, if Firestick keeps freezing and restarting frequently, it could disturb your entire streaming experience. 

You might be thinking But Why does my Firestick keeps restarting? 

firestick keeps restarting

It is one of the most common problems FireStick users face unexpectedly. This article will discover the usual technical reasons behind why Firestick keeps restarting. Here, we have listed down possible causes with practical solutions for the Firestick keeps restarting. 

Why Does Fire Stick Keep Restarting without Any Prior Warning or Notification? (Common Causes)

Have you ever wondered why your Firestick keeps restarting itself? The root cause of this technical glitch could be a loose connection cable, a defect in the power plug or outlet, bugs and errors in apps, or any hardware-relevant issue.

However, if your Firestick just keeps restarting constantly, don’t worry, as it is the most common issue Amazon Fire Stick and other TV box users encounter. As I had been through such issues, I coped up. I have enlisted practically tried and tested methods to fix your issue.

You might need this guide if you are thinking of using Amazon FIrestick on a Roku TV.

Use Original Amazon Fire Stick Cables and accessories. 

The Amazon Fire Stick box has a USB type A to Micro USB Cable and a power brick. We recommend always using the official Firestick cables and accessories to avoid technical issues. 

Other adapters might not provide 1 amp power accurately compared to the original ones, which are custom-manufactured for the Firestick TV  box. 

Try switching back to using the original cables to fix the problem where your Amazon Firestick keeps restarting.

Checking for Loose USB Ports 

Loosely connected USB ports to the power adapter can also be why Firestick keeps restarting itself. If you look at your Amazon Firestick, you will find a micro-USB port for the power supply. 

Check the power supply cable and confirm it is properly connected to your firestick. There is a higher chance that this wire is not connected well or distorted and needs to be fixed.

Ensure that your connection cable from the Firestick to the power adapter is plugged in securely at both ends and that the connection is stable. If this does not work, you can try another cable to see if that fixes the problem. If not, then continue troubleshooting with the instructions below.

Checking Loose HDMI Port Connections

Smart TV Users should check their HDMI ports connecting the TV with the Firestick. Also, try any other HDMI port on your smart TV to verify if you currently have any defects. Sometimes, HDMI ports are loosely connected at the back of the TV. Therefore, it is recommended to plug the HDMI port again to ensure the connection is firm.

Issues with Power Supply 

After checking for any possible loose connection, you should look for any possible problems with the power supply to fix the firestick that keeps restarting.

You might have encountered the warning note “Use the power adapter and USB cable” to prevent any power supply issue in your smart TV like short-circuit.

Although many users overlook this technical warning and choose to go for other easy power supply alternatives. For example, consider using a stock power brick in the d to power up a Smart TV device.

1 Ampere power adapter cable is included with the new Firestick. It doesn’t necessarily mean connecting cable with a firestick, but it is possible that 1 amp power can be drawn at times to avoid any fluctuations in the current.

It is recommended to use authentic USB standards with 0.5 amps of electricity for a high-power Smart device. Most USB ports on televisions are limited to only 0.5 amps. 

Amazon Firestick consumes less than 0.5 amps most of the time. Therefore, customers don’t face any troubleshooting issues with powering their Smart TV with USB ports. However, power usage sometimes can vary and exceed 0.5 amps.

Troubleshooting Apps with Bugs on Firestick

Suppose you have already checked for any possible loose USB, HDMI, and power connections but have found no issues. You should check for any apps with bugs installed on your Firestick. 

To remove bugs, uninstall any unnecessary app on your smart TV you don’t need (It also uses storage space). To reboot your Firestick TV, unplug your device, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in again. This step lets the smart device reboot itself and function properly. This soft reboot step enables the UI system to load and clear out all the useless files and cache. 

Removing Installed Apps from Amazon Firestick TV

To remove the installed apps, follow these instructions.

  1. Go to your “Content” tab and click the “My Apps” option. 
  2. Click and hold on to the “App” you want to remove until a pop-up menu is visible, then select “Uninstall.”
  3. There are more chances of technical malfunctions in old smart TVs with years of usage than in new smart TVs. 

Out-dated apps already installed in your smart TV could also be one of the many possible causes of these problems. Therefore, always ensure that all installed apps are updated on your smart TV. 

Using Damaged Cables 

Using a worn-out cable to plug in your Firestick TV could cause repetitive restarting. If you use a generic USB cable instead of the original one, ensure its built quality is high. Many users go for a generic USB cable after the official cable wears out. It is recommended to order a new original USB cable from the official site to resolve restarting issues. 

Tech Experts advise the users to use only official accessories in the box. Here is the one recommended to purchase.

Note: An old, worn-out USB cable might indicate it’s time to buy a new one. Before purchasing, ensure you only buy original USB cables from the official site’s store or authentic distributors’ shop.

Changing the Power Adapter with a New One

Try using a different power adapter other than the original one. If you have a spare power adapter, try using that one to resolve the issue where your Firestick keeps restarting. It is essential to check your adapter’s compatibility with Firestick. Check if it has a rating of at least 1.0 Amps. 

Updating Your Amazon Firestick Firmware

Check for the latest firmware updates. Suppose you are still having restarting issues with your smart TV. It will sort out every software issue because your Firestick keeps restarting. 

How to update Amazon FIrestick Firmware 

  1. Go to the “Settings” tab 
  2. Then go to “Device.” 
  3. Now select “System Updates.” 
  4. Select update and then “Yes” to update your firmware. 

Checking your Internet Connectivity. 

If your Firestick keeps restarting after the update, it could be due to the constant rebooting because of poor internet connectivity. 

  • To check your internet connection, go to “Settings” and click on “Network.” 
  • Check your internet connection by selecting “Network Test.” 
  • Ensure your device can connect and load. 

If the device fails the network test, troubleshoot your internet connection to resolve the restarting issue.

Turn Off Your HDMI CEC Controls on the Smart Device

You should know that HDMI CEC stands for “Consumer Electronics Control,” it lets your smart TV  send signals back to compatible devices. Whenever you turn on your smart TV, the devices connected through HDMI CEC should also turn on.

This option is not available for every model. However, it fixes the issue where your Firestick keeps restarting itself if HDMI CEC is disabled.  

  1. Go to the “Settings” tab.
  2. Now to “System.” 
  3. Click on “Info” and select “Switch off” HDMI CEC.

Remove other HDMI Connected Devices

If you use multiple HDMI-connected devices, remove all and use your Firestick device, as it can be confused when it receives many signals simultaneously. Disconnecting multiple devices will help your smart TV to work with Firestick smoothly. 

How to Reset your Firestick to Factory Settings.

To reset your firestick to the factory setting, follow the instructions given below:

  • Select the “Settings” option on your Fire TV.
  • Then select “My Fire TV.”
  • Move down and select Reset to “Factory Defaults.”
  • Select  Reset.

Note: Remember, if you switch your Firestick to factory default settings, then all the data will be deleted, and even its settings will also change to the factory settings. 

My Verdict on Fire Stick Keeps Restarting 

If the above fixes don’t work for you, there must be a hardware problem. You can replace or repair it by contacting the Amazon service center. You can also return it from where you bought it. Moreover, you can contact Amazon’s Fire TV support here or on Amazon’s customer service phone number at 1-888-280-4331 (available 24/7).

FAQs about Why Firestick keeps Restarting

Frequent Firestick restarts can occur due to various factors, including overheating, software issues, or problematic apps.

To prevent automatic restarts, ensure your Firestick is adequately ventilated, update its software, and check for problematic apps.

The reason behind  Fire Stick rebooting on startup can be overheating. So ensure it has proper airflow and isn’t placed in an enclosed space.

Using an incorrect or faulty power source can cause a Firestick to restart; use the recommended power block.

Installing the latest software updates often resolves Firestick restart problems by fixing software bugs.

Go to the Firestick’s settings, then “Applications,” and select “Manage Installed Applications” to identify and remove troublesome apps.

Yes, low storage space can lead to restarts. So clear the cache and remove unused apps to free up space.

Occasionally, certain apps may have compatibility issues with Firestick, leading to restarts; check for app updates or alternatives.

If stuck in a reboot loop, ensure proper power, try a factory reset, or contact customer support for guidance

A factory reset can often fix persistent restart issues, but remember to back up your data before performing it.

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