Do LG monitors have speakers? No, not all LG monitors have speakers. Some LG monitors are specifically designed and manufactured for gamers, also known as Ultragear monitors, and have no built-in speakers. But the question arises. “Why are built-in speakers missing in gaming or Ultragear monitors?”

Do LG Monitors Have Speakers?

Some of the LG gaming monitors come in low price ranges, so the manufacturers prefer to skip the useless features for gamers. Most gamers use headsets and high-quality external speakers for a better audio experience.

This blog covers most of the latest and old LG monitors with built-in speakers. 

Do you know Tech giants like Apple, Samsung, and Dell use LG-manufactured screen displays (panels)?

Do LG Monitors have Speakers? – Series of LG Monitors with Speakers. 

If you are wondering, do LG monitors have speakers? The next two headings discuss LG’s Ultra Gear and Ultra wide monitor models with built-in speakers. 

LG Monitors that Have Speakers – (Gaming Monitor Models)

Do LG monitors have speakers

Usually, in the Ultragear monitors, built-in speakers are not present. However, some of the ultra gear LG monitors have speakers, and those monitor models are mentioned below.

LG Monitor Model Name           Model Number        Speakers 
48″ UltraGear UHD OLED Anti-GlareLow Reflection     48GQ900-BYes – 20W x 2 cha
27″ 4K UHD DisplayHDR 400 IPS     27UP80B-WYes – 5W x 2 cha

You can check Amazon or the LG website for new LG monitor models because LG has various models and series depending on the region.

LG Ultra Wide Monitor Models (With Built-in Speakers)

Most ultra-wide LG monitors have speakers. The larger monitors have high-quality built-in speakers. You will find LG Ultra Wide Monitor models with built-in speakers in the list below. 

Model NameModel NumberSpeakers 
29″ Class 21:9 UltraWide® Full HD IPS LED HDR 1029WK600-WYes
32″ UHD 4K Ergo Stand32UK580-BYes
34″ 21:9 IPS HDR WFHD 3-Side Virtually Borderless34WN650-WYes
34″ 21:9 WQHD IPS HDR10 FreeSync34WN750-BYes 
34″ Class 21:9 UltraWide34UM88C-PYes
34″ Class 21:9 UltraWide34UM69G-BYes 
34″ Class 21:9 UltraWide34UM68-PYes 
34″ Class 21:9 UltraWide34WK650-WYes 
34″ UltraWide Ergo QHD 34WN780-BYes
34″ Curved UltraWide QHD 34WP65C-BYes
34″ Curved UltraWide34WP88C-BYes 
34″ Curved UltraWide34WP85C-BYes 
38″ Class 21:9 UltraWide38UC99-WYes 
40″ Curved UltraWide40WP95C-WYes
34″ 21:9 UltraWide34WL850-WYes 
34″ 21:9 UltraWide34WL85C-BYes
38″ UltraWide QHD+ IPS Curved Thunderbolt38WN95C-WYes
49″ 32:9 UltraWide Dual QHD49WL95C-WYes 

You can check Amazon or the LG website for the latest LG models because the LG has many models and series depending on the region.

How to Check If any LG Monitor Have Speakers?

You can check your monitor user manual to confirm whether your LG monitor has built-in speakers or not. If you need the user manual of your LG monitor. Then, you can do a Google search to find the user manual for your monitor.

Then, enter your monitor model number and write the user manual in the Google search bar. Click on the top pages and check the user manual for your monitor model.

If you fail at this step, visit the Amazon site and enter your monitor model number. Then, scroll down and check the details if you find built-in speakers. However, following the instructions below, you can also confirm it from the official LG website.

After visiting the official LG website, enter your model number in the search bar next to Find Manuals & Documents by Model.  Now scroll down to download the user manual of your monitor model to know if your LG monitor has built-in speakers.

Still, if you can not find your user manual, then check directly by using the monitor settings. You can find some buttons on the bottom or side of your LG monitor screen. One button is dedicated to on/off, and the other is used for monitor settings. 

Use the monitor setting button to navigate through monitor settings to find “audio,” sound,” or “misc settings.” If you find this setting in your LG monitor, then it is confirmed that there are built-in speakers.

How to Activate LG Monitors Built-in Speakers?

If you have confirmed that your LG monitors have built-in speakers and don’t know how to enable them. Then, you can follow the steps below for your LG monitors with built-in speakers.  

For Windows:

  • Click the “Start menu” on the lower left side.
  • Type “Sound” in the search bar
  • Choose “Sound” in the Control panel 
  • Click “Speaker” for sound output (in the playback tab)

For Mac:

  • First, “Connect” your display to your Mac.
  • On your Mac, go to “System Preferences,” then click Sound.
  • Now click “Output.”
  • Choose your “Device” for Sound Output. 
LG monitors have speakers

Note: Ensure that your monitor settings are configured to “Allow Playback.”  Using your monitor setting button, make sure that the volume is turned up, and audio playback is not on mute.

Does LG Ultragear Monitors Have Speakers?

Gamers often prioritize specialized audio setups, like gaming headsets or external speakers, for a few reasons. Firstly, dedicated gaming audio peripherals offer high sound quality and more immersive soundscapes, enhancing the overall gaming experience. 

They provide more transparent and accurate sound cues, which is crucial for competitive gameplay.

Additionally, many gamers value clear communication with teammates during multiplayer sessions, which is better facilitated by dedicated microphones in premium-quality gaming headsets. 

Moreover, external audio solutions allow players to customize their sound profiles, adjusting frequencies to match specific game genres or personal preferences.

Do Computer Monitors have Speakers? 

Many computer monitors come with built-in speakers, although their presence varies depending on the monitor’s intended use and target audience. Monitors designed for general office tasks or basic computer usage often include basic-level speakers that are used for video calls or occasional multimedia playback. 

However, monitors designed and manufactured for specific purposes like gaming, graphic design, or professional video editing might prioritize other features, such as higher refresh rates, better color accuracy, or reduced response times, which can affect the inclusion of built-in speakers.

For example, gamers and professionals often prefer special audio setups like headphones, gaming headsets, or external speakers to get superior sound quality and directional audio to enhance their gaming experience. 

What to Consider When Purchasing Monitors with Built-In Speakers

When purchasing a monitor with internal speakers, you need to consider several key factors. Firstly, audio quality is most important. Assess the specifications of the built-in speakers, including wattage and frequency response, to ensure they offer clear and immersive sound. Secondly, connectivity options are crucial. 

Ensure the monitor has compatible ports, such as HDMI or DisplayPort, to connect to your devices. Additionally, consider whether the monitor supports audio output options like headphone jacks for external speakers or headphones. 

Wrapping up the Guide on Do LG Monitors have Speakers.

Do computer monitors have speakers? The answer is no. Not all LG monitors have speakers. You can confirm whether your LG monitor has built-in speakers or not by checking your monitor’s user manual guide.

 After using all the steps above, if you fail at any point, you can visit the LG website to download the user manual guide free of cost or contact LG customer support at 800-243-0000 or 850-999-4934.

However, I have noticed that most of LG’s UltraGear monitor models don’t have built-in speakers, as gamers prefer headsets or high-end LG Ultragear monitor speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Ultragear monitor does not have built-in speakers. 

Gaming monitors don’t have built-in speakers.

You have to check the user manual of your LG monitor. However, you can use other ways mentioned in this blog to confirm whether your monitor has built-in speakers or not.

To know if specific Samsung Monitors have speakers? or any Acer Monitors have speakers? Please go ahead and read the blogs on our site to know about each of them.

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