Sceptre Monitors are known as one of Amazon’s top-rated monitors. This guide is for Sceptre monitor stand replacement if you don’t know where to start. 

Check out this easy 4-step guide to help you remove your Sceptre monitor stand with the lessons I’ve learned practically while removing my Sceptre 24 monitor stand. This Sceptre monitor stand removal guide covers the steps to remove the stands from most Sceptre Monitors models. 

Sceptre Monitor Stand Replacement & Base Removal Guide

The practical guide applies to all  Sceptre Monitor models, including the ones with circular or triangular bases. Whatever the display size, these steps will also work for Sceptre’s curved monitor series. 

Remove Sceptre Monitor Stand

Step 1 – Disconnecting the Power Supply and Auxiliary Cables

Before removing the Sceptre monitor stand, you must unplug your Sceptre Monitor’s power plug and detach any other cables connected to the Monitor, including HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, etc.

Sceptre monitor stand replacement

Step 2 –  Put the Monitor on a Safe Surface

The monitor’s display screen is fragile so that it can be easily damaged, which you don’t want. It is recommended to be extra careful while handling your Sceptre monitor. 

Use any soft towel, Bubble wrap or microfiber cloth on a table or a flat secure surface. Now put your Sceptre Monitor facing down onto the towel or cloth, with the monitor’s base off the table’s edge.

Remove Sceptre Monitor Stand

This step will ensure your monitor’s screen doesn’t get any scratches or damages while removing the stand. 

Step 3 – Remove Sceptre Monitor Stand Base

Look for a screw in the middle of the lower portion of your monitor’s base to remove it. Now use any suitable screwdriver and start unscrewing it in a counterclockwise direction to remove it. This step will detach the base from the monitor’s stand neck. 

Sceptre monitor stand replacement

Step 4 – Removing the Monitor Stand Neck 

This step can be tricky for people trying to remove the monitor’s stand and neck for the first time. However, if you have successfully removed the base of your Sceptre monitor, there’s a lot of space to help you while removing the monitor’s stand neck.

There is a possibility of finding 2 screws at the back of the display connecting the neck to the monitor. Removing the stand is simple. You just have to unscrew these two screws. 

Alternative Method For Other Sceptre Monitor Models:

Check if your Sceptre monitor has any button or hidden tab at the top of the stand’s neck. Now insert your screwdriver here and pull down to detach the neck from the base. 

You might find a button or tab between the monitor’s body and display in a few models. Try to press the button firmly using a screwdriver or finger, then pull the body of the stand downwards and remove it. Hold the monitor while detaching, as it helps if you find it stuck with the neck.

Official Support for Sceptre Monitor Stand Replacement & Removal 

Still, if you have trouble detaching the neck, try Sceptre’s website to find the manual for your Monitor’s specific model number for instructions.

After you have successfully removed your Sceptre Monitor Stand, carefully check if all the parts of your Sceptre Monitor Stand are removed and place it safely in a box or upgrade to an alternative mount immediately to avoid any damage. 

Keep your original monitor base, as it adds great resale value if you have it in good mint condition with your Sceptre monitor.

Wrapping up on How To Remove A Sceptre Monitor Stand Guide

Removing the Sceptre monitor stand can be challenging, with risks of damaging the display screen with certain models. However, if you follow these steps carefully, it will surely work out on most of the Sceptre Monitors:

Steps for Sceptre Monitor Stand Removal Process :

  1. Disconnect all the power supply and auxiliary cables.
  2. Put your Sceptre monitor screen on a flat surface.
  3. Use a suitable screwdriver to loosen the bottom of the monitor’s base.
  4. With the help of a screwdriver, try to press the hidden tab and pull the monitor’s stand body downwards.

Still, experiencing trouble getting your Sceptre to monitor stand removed? It is recommended to look at Sceptre’s support and search for your Sceptre Monitor model number for custom stand removal instructions. You can also call Sceptre’s tech support at 1-800-788-2878.

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FAQs About Sceptre Monitor Stand Replacement

How do I know if my monitor stand fits?

To confirm that your monitor stand have VESA standard, check the baskside of the monitor screen.

Can I replace my monitor stand?

Yes, you can replace your old or damage monitor stand with a new one.

How do you remove the stand from a Sceptre monitor?

Simply follow the instructions given in the scepter monitor user manual guide to remove the monitor stand. You can also follow the steps given in this article for sceptre monitor stand replacement or removal.

Can Sceptre monitor be mounted?

All the monitors that have VESA standards on the backside can be mounted.

How can I request a replacement monitor stand?

Contact Sceptre’s customer support through their official website to request a replacement stand.

Is the monitor stand covered under warranty?

Warranty coverage for the stand typically depends on your product’s warranty terms. Refer to your warranty documentation or contact support for details.

Can I purchase a replacement stand separately?

Sceptre may offer replacement stands for purchase separately. Check their website or contact support for availability.

What should I do if my monitor stand is damaged upon delivery?

If your stand arrives damaged, immediately report it to Sceptre’s customer support for assistance.

Are there different stand models for Sceptre monitors?

Yes, Sceptre may have various stand models depending on the monitor series. Contact support with your monitor’s model number for compatibility.

How do I assemble a replacement monitor stand?

Follow the assembly instructions for the replacement stand, or refer to Sceptre’s website for guidance.

Can I use a third-party stand with my Sceptre monitor?

It’s recommended to use Sceptre-approved stands for stability and compatibility. Using third-party stands may avoid warranties.

Is there a fee for replacing the monitor stand?

Replacement fees, if applicable, should be discussed with Sceptre’s customer support.

What is the typical shipping time for a replacement stand?

Shipping times may vary, so ask customer support for estimated delivery times.

Can I return a replacement stand if it’s unsuitable for my monitor?

Return policies for replacement stands depend on Sceptre’s terms and conditions. Check with their support for return options.

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