Don’t have any idea how to remove Dell monitor stand? 

Dell is one of the leading tech brands and established its name in the IT industry. The latest Dell monitor models launched in 2023 are quite smart and easy to handle. However, I noticed Dell previously manufactured some complicated monitor models that needed clarification on independently removing the Dell monitor stand.

However, removing the Dell monitor stand is easy in the latest Dell monitor models. So, in today’s guide, I will tell you how to remove Dell monitor stands without any hassle or without calling any Dell expert for Dell monitor stand removal. I often used these simple steps mentioned in this blog to remove Dell monitor stands.

Complete Guide on How to Remove Dell Monitor Stand 

Follow these steps on how to remove Dell monitor stand and remove the Dell monitor stand in a few minutes.

Step#1: Unplug the power and other cables connected to your Dell Monitor

Before starting the procedure of how to remove Dell monitor stand, check that you have removed all the wires from the monitor and unplugged the power cable from the outlet.

The picture below shows how your Dell monitor will look after freeing from the cables. 

How to remove Dell monitor stand

Step#2: Place the Monitor on a Smooth Surface.

First, lay a soft cloth or towel piece on a flat place, then carefully place the monitor face down on the soft cloth or towel. Make sure that the base stays away from the surface. This will keep your monitor screen safe while removing the stand. 

Step#3: Separate the VESA mount cover  (For specific Dell Monitor Models)

This step is not mandatory for removing Dell monitor stand. However, I wanted to share this method as it is necessary in some Dell monitor models. If you have a square-shaped cover at the backside of your Dell monitor. You can remove this cover to mount your monitor screens on the wall mount or stands.

Moreover, if you remove this cover (specifically for smaller monitor models), you will get enough space to work while separating the neck from the monitor.  As this is the main point where a neck connects with the monitor.

To remove this cover, you can use the 2 most accessible methods. So the first one is that you can use an old credit or ID card or plastic tool to remove it. Another method is to pull the cover with your hand downward and upward firmly. 

You can use the first method if your monitor resembles the monitor below in the picture.

How to remove Dell monitor stand

You can use the second method for how to remove Dell monitor stand. If your monitor looks like the monitor given in the picture below.

How to remove Dell monitor stand

Note: If you are packing your Dell monitor. Then, after removing the Dell monitor stand, you can reattach its cover as it will secure it from dirt or any other damage. 

Step#4: To Remove the Dell Monitor Stand, Open the Monitor Stand Base

For this step, you need a screwdriver. Looking at the bottom side of your monitor’s base, you will find a screw in the center. Now take a screwdriver that fits with your Dell monitor screw size. Use your screwdriver in an anti-clockwise direction to open the screw. This will separate the base from the monitor stand. 

Step#5: Take Off the Dell Monitor Stand, Neck, or body 

In the picture below, you can differentiate between the monitor base and the stand or neck. 

How to remove Dell monitor stand

After removing the base, you will get enough space to easily remove the Dell monitor neck or body. If you look at the top side of the neck, you will find a button or a hidden tab in the center. Insert your screwdriver on this button and press it at the same time.

How to remove Dell monitor stand

Then, start pulling it in a downward direction slowly. Voila! You removed your Dell monitor stand.

This is the tested and tried method to remove Dell monitor stands, but if you are still facing trouble and need help, contact Dell customer support service by visiting Dell’s official website. Finally, you have all the parts of the Dell monitor stand, which you can restore in its packet for later use. 

How to Find Out Your Dell Monitor’s Model Number?

If you want to replace your Dell monitor stand with a new one or the last one got damaged. Don’t worry! You can order it on Amazon or the official Dell website

To replace your monitor’s stand, you must know the model number of your Dell monitor, which is quite easy. All you need to do is check the backside of your monitor screen. 

Tip: A Dell monitor model number mainly comprises numbers and letters, as shown in the picture below. 

The Dell monitor model number is written in small letters and numbers, so you have to read it closely with focus. 

How to Download the User Manual of How to Remove Dell Monitor Stand

Now, you can use your Dell monitor model number to get the monitor manual guide from the Dell website. First, visit the Dell manual finder, then enter your product model number into the “Identify your product” section.

How to remove Dell monitor stand

After entering your Dell monitor model number, you will see a list of Dell monitor model numbers. Select the model number of your Dell monitor from the list. After this, a page will appear where you can find all the details about your monitor.

How to remove Dell monitor stand

Here, you click on the “Manuals and Documents” option. In the manual and document section, you can view the details in “PDF format” on how to remove the Dell monitor stand and “Download” it on your device.

Final Words on Removing Dell Monitor Stand

Dell stand removal can be hectic in some of the Dell monitor models, but you can use the steps below, which work for most of the Dell monitors. 

Steps you need to follow for removing the Dell’s monitor stand:

  • Unplug the power plug and auxiliary cables.
  • Lay down the Dell monitor screen over a cloth on a flat surface.
  • Unscrew the screw using your screwdriver from the underside of the base.
  • Use a screwdriver to press the button or tab above the monitor neck or body, then pull the monitor neck downward.

In case you are still struggling with Dell monitor stand removal. You can contact the official Dell community website or customer support at 1-877-717-3355.

FAQs about How to Remove Dell Monitor Stand 

If your Dell monitor’s stand locking mechanism is not working correctly, it must be broken. For this, you have to buy a new monitor stand. To assemble this new monitor stand, follow the instructions given in the user manual book that comes with it.

They are interchangeable, as most Dell monitors use standard VESA mounts. 

You can lock your Dell monitor stand using the lock button present on the back side of your monitor.

They are interchangeable, as most Dell monitors use standard VESA mounts. 

You can lock your Dell monitor stand using the lock button present on the back side of your monitor.

Yes, you can lock a Dell monitor by pressing the main menu button present on your monitor for 10 to 15 seconds. 

No, you shouldn’t use anything else with your Dell monitor. If you use any other monitor stand, it will damage your monitor.

Yes, a complete guide on how to remove a Sceptre’s Monitor Stand is available along with monitor stand removal guides for many other company’s.

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