Are you planning to remove Acer monitor stand? If you need to know how to replace or remove Acer monitor stand without any damage, as I did it safely. I will teach you stepwise how to remove the stand from your Acer monitor without harming yourself and the sensitive screen of your Acer monitor.

Remove Acer Monitor Stand without Damaging your Monitor Screens (In a few simple ways)

Things Needed for Acer Monitor Stand Removal:

  • Screwdriver (size may vary depending on the monitor model).
  • Soft cloth or towel.
  • Flat, stable surface (Such as table).

Step#1  Remove the Power Supply and Auxiliary Cables

Before acer monitor stand removal, make sure you have removed the power supply and all other cables from the monitor (HDMI, DVI, display port, etc.).

Step# 2 Carefully Place the Acer Monitor on any Flat Surface

Remove acer monitor stand

Monitor screens are fragile, and you don’t want to damage yours. So take precautions before removing the Acer monitor stand by following these instructions. 

Firstly, take a towel piece or any microfiber cloth and put it on the flat surface of any table. Place your Acer monitor front side on a towel or clothes. Ensure that the monitor’s base is away from the edge of the table.

Step#3  Start Removing the Acer Monitor Stand Base

You need a screwdriver in the next two steps, so keep it along with you. Most of the monitor stands that screw fitted have their screw located in the center on the underside of the base.  

Take a screwdriver that fits with the screw size, and then unscrew it in a counterclockwise direction. Now, separate the base from your monitor’s neck or body. The picture given below might not exactly match your Acer monitor model. 

Remove acer monitor stand

Step#4 Removing the Monitor Stand Neck 

Ensure you have removed the base of your monitor body, as it will give you enough space to remove the monitor’s neck. 

First, check if your Acer monitor has any tab or button at the center of your monitor display and body. Press this button using your finger (or a suitable screwdriver) simultaneously, then safely pull the body of your monitor’s stand downward to separate it. 

Note: If you face any issue when pulling the stand, hold the screen with one hand and firmly pull the monitor’s body or neck. Make sure you don’t damage the plastic backing while performing this step.


To remove the Acer monitor stand without damaging your Acer monitor follow the instructions given above. If you face any problems, you can visit Acer customer support at 1-866-695-2237 or find the manual on the official website for your Acer monitor model.

FAQs about Removing the Acer Monitor Stand

Yes, if a monitor has a VESA hole pattern.

To detach the Acer monitor from the stand, follow the manual instructions for your Acer monitor model. 

You can check Amazon or Acer’s official website for a new Acer monitor stand

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