Samsung, a globally renowned tech brand in consumer electronics, offers a diverse range of HD monitors. Now you might ask do Samsung monitors have speakers that give high-quality audio?

Do Samsung monitors have speakers?

Samsung monitors do have speakers but in the older Samsung monitors and UltraGear monitors. However, it is hard to say that they have built-in speakers. The Samsung monitors have the option of external speakers, which can be connected through a headphone jack. 

If we observe the most recent Samsung monitor series, we find that most Samsung monitors have speakers. 

However, we can not deny that one of the most essential features after screen size is speakers—obviously, the sound system matters, whether you want it for casual or professional use. 

If you don’t know whether your Samsung has speakers or not? Or which series of Samsung monitors have speakers? Don’t worry! We will discuss everything in this blog, and discover whether Samsung monitors have speakers.

Do Samsung Monitors Have Speakers – ( Few Simplest Ways to Confirm)

It is quite easy to test whether your Samsung monitor has built-in speakers, Check your monitor’s user manual if you do not have the monitor’s manual guide. Then you can google it. Enter your Samsung “monitor model number” and the word “user manual” in Google’s search bar. Check the top pages on the screen, and then search for “speakers” on the screen. 

Another option is to visit the Amazon website. Now, enter your Samsung monitor’s model number in the search bar. 

Do you know? A model number is a mixture of alphabets, and letters.

Do Samsung monitors have speakers?

Select your monitor’s model number, scroll down to “About This Item,” and get all the details. You can see the picture below to get an idea. 

Do Samsung monitors have speakers?

Another option you can use is to check on the Samsung website. But if you don’t find a user manual there then you can also use a manual way to check the built-in speakers.

 In Samsung monitor, some manual buttons are installed.  However, these buttons have no standard position. So you have to detect where they are located on your monitor screen.

You can check your bottom, sides, or backside to find out these manual buttons. In these buttons, one button is used for on/ off the display, and the other is installed for monitor settings.

By using the monitor setting button you can reach the settings, where you find “Sound,” “Audio.” or “Misc” options. The presence of these options means that your Samsung monitor has speakers. 

List of Samsung Monitor Speakers 2023

Samsung monitor series that have speakers is given below. 

  • AM500
  • AM702
  • S95UA
  • S80A
  • T45F
  • S40VA
  • J791
  • M7
  • M8
  • Samsung T55 Series
  • S95UA Series
  • M5 Flat Monitor 
  • Odyssey Series

The Samsung series given above are not limited to this list. Samsung launches a variety of models and series depending on the region. You can also visit the Amazon or the Samsung website to check new Samsung monitor models.

How Do I Get Sound on My Samsung Monitor?

You should check your monitor audio setting if you are not getting the sound on your Samsung monitor. Make sure that the monitor settings are set as “Default Audio.” Sometimes, users have to do the settings manually.

This setting can differ depending on what type of operating system you are using. For the Windows operating system, you can use the following steps. 

How to fix the Monitor audio setting on Windows:

  • Select the Speaker/ sound icon on the toolbar.
  • Now click on the arrow symbol next to the speaker option.
  • Audio output option will appear on the screen.
  • Choose “Monitor” according to your preferred playback gear. 

Note: If you switch between the built-in monitor and the external speaker. So, each time, you have to fix the audio settings. 

Turn On, and Increase Volume on Your Samsung Monitor

If your monitor audio setting is already set to the default audio source, and your Samsung monitor not playing sound. Then, look at the sides, bottom, or backside of your monitor, and you will find some manual buttons or joystick. You can use these buttons or joystick button to turn on or control your Samsung monitor sound.

To us the joystick button move it left or right to get the monitor volume indicator option.Check the volume indicator to ensure the volume is turned on and high enough to be heard. If you push the joystick in, it will switch on the main menu.

If all these methods don’t work, then check if your Samsung monitor supports on-screen control. Go to the menu, click on the audio setting, and level up the volume. 

Note: If you are a Mac user, go to the “System Preferences.” Select “Sound” in audio settings, and increase the volume.

What to Look for in Speakers When Buying Monitor With Built-in Speakers

The monitors that come under the mid to low range give a basic level of audio output. But some monitors have clear and good quality sound output even in the mid-range. 

So, if you have a limited budget and want quality output, then check the power usage of the built-in monitor speakers of the monitor you are considering. Remember the more wattage or power a speaker will use, the more clearer, and louder audio output it will give..

Moreover, the picture and sound quality also vary on the purpose of use. In most cases, monitor speakers matter for professional-level gamers. That’s why most of the gaming monitors don’t have built-in speakers. 

Additionally, we can not deny the fact that high quality products are expensive. So, if you want high-quality speakers, consider the Samsung monitor that comes under high range or premium ones.

Note: Samsung monitor that consumes more than 5 watts (Power) will give you a good sound output.

Can I Connect the Headphone jack to the Samsung monitor?

In the older Samsung monitors built-in speakers are not present and they support external speakers, so the headphone jack must be located at the backside of the monitor. You can use this Headphone port to connect external speakers to your monitor. 

If it doesn’t work then you can also check for an RCA analog audio adapter cable to connect the speakers with your monitor.

Which Samsung Curved Monitors Have Speakers?

Do Samsung monitors have speakers?

Some of the Samsung curved monitors have internal speakers. You can check the list beneath to see which Samsung monitors have speakers.

Samsung Monitor Models Name 
Samsung CJ89 Super Ultra-Wide USB type-C Curved Monitor
Samsung S39C FHD 75Hz Curved Monitor
Samsung CJ791 Thunderbolt Curved Monitor
Samsung T55 Curved Monitor
Samsung ViewFinity S95UA Dual QHD Curved Monitor

What I Do if my Samsung Monitor have no Buit-in Speakers?

If you have confirmed that your samsung monitor doesn’t have built-in speakers, and you want to play something. Simply connect external speakers with your monitor through the cables. Then plug the power cable to you external speakers and switch it on. Make sure that the external speakers are enabled in the monitor settings. 

In case if you have wireless speakers you can connect it with your monitor using the instructions given below.

  • Select the Connection Guide option. 
  • Click on the Audio device/ Bluetooth.
  • Select Setup Now option.

After selecting the setup now option, your monitor screen will show bluetooth speaker list option, and start searching for the nearby bluetooth devices.Select the wireless speaker you want your monitor to pair with. After selecting Pair and Connect option a confirmation notification will appar on the screen. 

Note: If you get error while connecting your wireless speaker with monitor then select the refresh option.

Should You Buy A Monitor With Built-in Speakers? 

The external speakers have better audio output, than built-in speakers. Even, you can get external speakers in affordable price range with various options. 

In contrast of it, the built-in speakers are suitable if you have limited space on your desk or you prefer a cleaner setup over a messy one.

Moreover, if you mostly uses headphones or headsets, and your use of speaker is less.Then monitor with built-in speaker may be a good option for you.

Final Words 

Do samsung monitors have speakers. All samsung monitors do not come with internal speakers. Such as gaming moniotors, and older models. But if you don’t have built-in speakers then you can use other options such as headsets, or external speakers. 

Moreover, if you don’t know that whether your samsung monitors have speakers or not. Then you can check  it on the google. If you don’t find any details about your moniotor model then can visit the amazon site, or samsung official website, or call samsung customer support at 1-800-726-7864.

Frequently Asked Questions

The curvature of the curved model is more comfortable for the eyes.

To adjust the Samsung monitor volume control. Use the joystick button on the bottomside. Go to the system using the joystick button. Select the volume option, and then a volume icon will appear. You can adjust it according to your preference. 

No not all Samsung monitors have speakers.

Samsung curved 27-inch monitor has integrated speakers.

The curved monitors are designed to make your watching experience easier, so there will be no strain on your eyes.

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