Are you irritated with your Samsung TV keeps going back to Home screen? 

This technical issue is really common among Samsung TV users. No need to worry, as this blog has practical solutions, instructed with a step-by-step guide. That will help you troubleshoot if your Samsung TV keeps going back to home screen.

Check this guide if you have a TCL TV going back to home screen.

Let’s start so you can watch movies and web series without further interruption of Samsung TV keeps going back to Home screen.

The Samsung TV reset to Stop Samsung TV Keeps Going Back To Home Screen

To Initiate a soft reset process, stop your Samsung TV keeps going back to home screen. 

First, Unplug your TV from the outlet and wait for at least 30 seconds. After you unplug, press the power button for 60 seconds. Now plug the TV back and switch it on. This technique is also known as power cycling.

The issue of your TV closing working apps and returning to the home screen out of nowhere should be solved by now. However, sometimes this solution might not resolve, and you are recommended to move on to other go-to troubleshooting hacks.

Install The Latest Samsung TV Software on the Samsung TV

Ensure your Samsung TV is connected to the internet before looking for recent in-app and software updates. You need to update your Samsung TV with the latest Samsung official software update as the user has access to new in-app and Smart TV  features along with security upgrades and resolving any technical bug issues.

How to Perform Samsung Software App Download

  1. Go to your Smart TV’s settings menu on your Samsung TV.
  2. Then go to the Support menu.  
Samsung TV keeps going back to home screen
  1. Now scroll over to the System Update option. 
  1. Click on the “Update Now” button.
Samsung TV keeps going back to Home screen

To enable updates, click on settings, then the menu, and select “Auto-Updates.” 

It will automatically update your Samsung TV’s software whenever the latest version is available. To start  Samsung’s official software update can take more than 20 minutes. Therefore don’t switch off your TV during the update and let the reset complete. 

Disconnect the Power Supply of Your Smart Samsung TV 

Unplugging is a step the user should try if a soft reset doesn’t resolve the issue. However, many people ignore this simple and practical hack.

First, unplug your TV plug from the power outlet and wait at least 1 minute. Now press and hold the “Power Button” on your smart TV for 10 seconds, as it will drain any excess electric power.

Later plug the adapter back into the power outlet and switch on your Smart TV. There is a 50% higher chance that this hack will resolve your issue of your Samsung TV keeps going back to Home screen.

Change Batteries from The Samsung TV Remote

The next step will be to remove the batteries from your Samsung TV remote if the Soft Reset hack fails. Press and hold onto the Power Button for 30 seconds on the remote to drain any excess power. Swap your remote’s batteries, whether AA or AAA batteries, insert them into the remote, and try switching on your Smart TV. 

Still, if none of the mentioned above steps don’t resolve your issue and your Samsung TV keeps going back to Home screen, clear your TV cache.

Removing Cache And Data To Reset Your Samsung Tv 

Cache and data affect the smooth functioning of your Samsung TV. Like Android and IOS devices, your Smart TV cache shortens app loading time. However, if the cache and data memory storage exceeds, it might disrupt your smart TV’s functionality.

How To Clear The Cache On Samsung TV (Step-by-Step)

You can remove the cache and data by factory resetting your TV. 

  1. Go to the Settings menu on your Samsung TV.
  2. Then scroll toward the General option.
  1. Select the Reset

If you have a much older Samsung TV model, then follow the instructions given below:

  1. Go to the Settings menu on your Samsung TV.
  2. Now go to “Support”  and select “Self Diagnosis.”
  3. Click on the Reset button.

Enter the security password “0000” if asked for a password.

By initiating this reset process, all the downloaded apps, custom settings, and stored data will be deleted permanently. Your Smart TV will be automatically rebooted with this reset. After the reset, all your Samsung TV settings will be restored to default ones.

NOTE: The hacks mentioned above to resolve your Samsung TV issue might differ depending on your model.

Reset Your Smart Samsung TV To Factory Setting

To reset your Samsung TV to its default factory settings, you need to use a pin and press into the pinhole at the back of your TV’s remote for at least 10 to 30 seconds until the reboot starts.

Factory Reset solves many minor recurring technical issues, and I am confident about each of these that I have recommended.

If you are still stuck with the same issue that anytime your Samsung TV returns to the main menu, the last step before going to a Samsung repair office is to fix the jammed buttons of your remote.

How to Fix the Jammed Buttons of Your Smart TV Remote Control

It is quite possible that your Samsung TV remote might be broken and causing the issue as there is a thin circuit layer beneath the buttons, which can be jammed or malfunctioned due to moisture or tiny food particles.

Do check if your remote’s button feels stiff or jammed. Take a cotton swab and dip it into the rubbing alcohol, then dab it onto the buttons until it gets easier to click.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can clear the cache for apps that you have downloaded on your Samsung TV and some system apps:
1. Navigate to Settings > Apps.
2. Select the app which you want to clear the cache for.
3. Select “Clear cache.”

It can be caused due to multiple reasons like HDMI connection issues, power problems, hardware or software issues.

Due to a weak internet connection, the software updates can be unavailable.

You can connect to your internet using wifi on your Samsung smart TV.

If your smart Samsung TV has an internet connection, you can check if any updates are available through the TV settings.

Summing Up Samsung TV keeps going to home screen

You are more likely to encounter the issue where your Samsung TV keeps going back to home screen for no reason at all.

  1. Power Cycle your Samsung TV.
  2. Update your TV with the latest app and firmware updates.
  3. Replace your Samsung TV remote batteries.
  4. Initiate a Factory reset of your Smart TV.
  5. Fix Jammed Smart TV’s remote buttons.

Even after trying all the above fixes, your Samsung TV  still has the same technical issue. First, check if your official Samsung warranty is valid, and then you might get your TV checked by a certified technician.

Samsung TVs usually have an official 12-month warranty duration valid from the purchase date.

Contact Samsung TV support if you have tried all the hacks and have yet to work out for your Smart TV.

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