Only a few Acer monitor models have built-in speakers. The Latest Acer monitor series, including Nitro, Predator, R240HY, and ED322QR, have built-in speakers. However, it is recommended to double-check before buying as it can vary based on numerous models manufactured in different regions. Therefore, do check on Amazon or the Acer website for your model.

No doubt, Acer is one of the most trusted tech brands. Many old and latest versions of Acer monitors might have good displays. However, Another question arises: Do all Acer monitors have built-in speakers? It can save you from spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the audio system. 

Some Acer monitors do not have built-in speakers. Moreover, the Acer monitors with built-in speakers give basic sound output, suitable for everyday use and video calls.

Do Acer monitors have built-in speakers

Follow this blog if you want an Acer monitor with a high-quality stereo surround sound system and premium built-in speakers. 

We have discussed which Acer Monitor Models with the best built-in speakers and which Acer Monitor Series has the best HD display with quality built-in Speakers

Do Acer Monitors Have Built-in Speakers? (How to Confirm?)

The easiest way to confirm whether Acer monitors have built-in speakers is to check the user manual, which the user gets in the box.

If you don’t have it, the following option to get your user manual is “Google search.” All you need to do is go to “Google” and enter the “Model Number” of your Acer monitor and the word “Manual.” Then check the top results (pop up on the screen).

Note: You can find the model number of your monitor on the back or underside of the monitor screen. Remember that model numbers mainly consist of letters and alphabets.

The second option you can use is to visit the official Amazon site. Type your model number in the search bar. 

Then, scroll down to the product detail section. In this section, if you find built-in speakers for your Acer monitor model, your Acer monitor must have internal speakers. 

If you don’t find any details there, then another option is to check directly on monitor settings. Monitors have a manual button located either on the side, back, or at the bottom side. Typically, in these buttons, one button is for on and off, and the other is for monitor settings.  

You can access the ”Audio,” “Sound,” or “Misc settings.” Using the monitor setting button. If you get these settings, then it means that your Acer monitor has built-in speakers. 

Do Acer Monitors have Built-in Speakers – Acer Monitors Series with Built-in Speakers 2023

For your ease, we have selected Acer monitors with quality built-in speakers. The following list offers monitors with internal speakers you can check.

  • Nitro
  • R240HY
  • ED322QR
  • Predator

Acer has launched many new models and series of monitors with built-in speakers in 2023, and more with the latest tech are on the way. So, checking the latest and recent models or series on Acer’s official website is better. 

How To Enable Speakers on Acer Monitor – (In a Few Simple Steps)

If you confirm that your Acer monitor has internal speakers and want to run them on your monitor, follow the steps.

For the Windows operating system

  • Go to the Menu 
  • Type Sound in the search bar. 
  • Select the Sound option.
  • In the playback tab, click on the Speaker for sound output.

For the Mac operating system

Do Acer monitors have built-in speakers
  • Connect your Mac to your display.
  • Go to System Preference, then click on Sound, and select Output.
  • Choose your Device for the sound output. 

Note: Ensure the monitor volume is turned up and audio playback is not on mute. 

Do Acer Monitors that have Built-in Speakers give high-quality sound?

Acer monitors have built-in speakers that provide good audio quality for casual usage, such as video conferencing and binge-watching.

While these speakers can offer convenience and save space, they may deliver a different audio quality than dedicated external speakers or headphones, as their compact design and limited power can affect overall sound depth and clarity. 

For more immersive sound experiences, especially for gaming, multimedia, or professional purposes, users may still prefer to invest in higher-quality audio peripherals to complement their Acer monitor.

What to Look for in Monitors with Built-in Speakers

The monitors that come in mid-range to lower-range don’t give high-quality sound output. However, it is clear and audible.

You should consider some important factors while considering the Acer monitor with speakers. First of all, check the wattage consumption of the computer monitor. The higher the monitor consumption of wattage, the finer the sound quality will be of the speakers. 

Any monitor that consumes more than 5 wattage gives clean and clear sound output. Additionally, another thing to remember is to compare the display and sound output of the monitor with internal speakers. For daily users, the display and sound quality matter.

Moreover, you will find high-quality built-in speakers costly. If you want monitors with high-quality built-in speakers, you must see your affordability and purpose of use. However, you can opt for other options, such as external speakers and headphones.

What to Do if Acer Monitor Built-in Speakers do not work?

If your Acer monitor built-in speakers are not working, then there are a few steps you can take to solve this issue. First, ensure the audio cable is connected to the monitor. Secondly, check that the audio settings are set to the correct output device.

Switch your computer’s sound settings to select the external speakers as the audio output source. Adjust the volume levels on both the monitor and the external speakers for optimal sound quality.

Note: Ensure you have updated your computer’s audio drivers and the monitor’s firmware. If the issue remains, then contact Acer customer support or visit the Acer official website.

Final Words on Do Acer Monitors have built-in Speakers.

Do Acer monitors have built-in speakers?

Not all Acer models have built-in speakers, particularly the older models. But you must find built-in speakers if you have an acer predator and nitro model. Further, you can check the monitor’s user manual to confirm the sound output. And in case you fail with the monitor’s internal speakers, you can go for the external speakers or check other options.

If you find any problem with the sound output, you can contact the Acer customer support page or call 24/7 customer support. 

FAQs about if Acer Monitors have Built-in Speakers or not!

This model has no speakers.

Yes, if it does have built-in speakers. 

It depends on which Acer monitor model you are using. However, Acer monitors have built-in speakers if they are from the Nitro or Predator series.

Confirm that your Acer monitor has built-in speakers to play sound.

Check and confirm if your monitor has internal speakers or needs an aux cable to connect with the audio device to play audio.

Yes, it can carry audio without additional cable.

Including Acer many other brands like Samsung do have speakers while some do not have any, but to it is recommended to check out blogs for complete detail!

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