Every household needs a wifi booster to function smoothly with their smart gadgets without any buffering. Nextfi WiFi Booster is your go-to affordable wifi extender available at your nearest mart.  

nextfi wifi booster

Here, We have reviewed it to help you decide whether to go with it or not. Also, if you have already bought the Nextfi wifi extender, check the comprehensive set-up guide.

Do You Really Need to Buy NextFi as Your WiFi Booster?

Yes, If you have multiple smart home devices or gadgets actively consuming wifi simultaneously. To get uninterrupted work with your tech gadget without facing the hassle of low pixel quality or frequent irritating buffering, you need to buy a wifi booster. 

Here’s a practical guide about How using multiple smart devices can affect your wifi’s speed and why you need a booster?

NextFi is budget-friendly and indeed listed as the best wifi extender available. We checked Nextfi’s website, and they made promising claims about NextFi’s impeccable performance as a wifi speed booster. 

If you have the following recurring usage issues with your home wifi, then you better upgrade to Nextfi WiFi Extender: 

  1. Low or No WiFi in the Basement or Garage?  

Specific areas in your house with no or poor wifi coverage are called “Dead Zones.” You might find it frustrating not to be able to use smartphones or smart home gadgets in certain areas. Here are possible reasons listed for Dead Spots:: 

  • Distance from the WiFi Router could be one of the many reasons for poor internet connectivity: Maybe you are at a far away distance from your router device, making it hard to receive wireless internet signals from the smart gadget.  
  • Solid Hurdles like thick concrete walls, huge wood furniture, or architecture interfere with your wifi reception.
  • Other electronic devices in your home that function on different wavelengths, such as microwaves, cordless phones, and baby monitors, might interfere with wifi networks.
  1. Slow Internet Speed 

Maybe your wifi router is installed in your office room or upstairs, but you spend most of your time using smart gadgets downstairs in the lounge area near the kitchen. That’s one of the most common reasons why the internet gets slow and annoying to use at times at home.

Here come wifi extenders to the rescue allowing you to stream high-quality video, play video games without any lagging, and video call your loved ones. 

  1. Limited WiFi Coverage 

WiFi boosters and extenders can do more than just fill in dead spots in your network. By adding a booster or extender, you can upgrade your existing network with the latest WiFi technology,, without replacing your router. 

Nextfi Reviews – Is Nextfi Wifi Extender Legit? 

With claims of 700 MegaBytes per second internet speed and ultra 4K Video quality Nextfi extender makes itself look too good to be true. However, it is not possible if your internet plan doesn’t support such speed and 4k video quality. Nextfi only serves as a Wifi repeater, which is only responsible for extending Wifi signals to your dead zones.

Nextfi Wifi Extender Setup Guide 

To test the Nextfi WiFI range extender we ordered the single device on Amazon for $49.95. However, you can get it at Walmart for $39.85 but it was out of stock. 

The Nextfi site claims it will take 3 minutes or less to set it up and start running. 

Finally, the parcel arrived and upon unboxing we got this:

nextfi wifi booster

Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up and connecting the Nextfi WiFi booster with your router. 

  1. Plug-In NextFi WiFi Booster

Start with plugging your NextFi WiFi Booster into an outlet for electric power. As soon as you connect it, make sure the device lits up with four led lights on it. If the basic three lights don’t light up immediately after plugging in then you might need to reset the device.

Get a paper clip to press the Reset Button at the bottom of the NextFi device. Do press it for at least 8 seconds then leave. After it all three lights should light up by now. 

  1. Connect your SmartPhone or PC

Go to your smartphone or PC’s WiFi settings. Select option WiFI – 2.4g – xx. Now, turn off your 4G data to avoid connecting your booster device with it. Until set-up is not complete you won’t be able to connect the NextFi extender to the internet. 

Note: NextFi device only works with 2.4 GHz bandwidth, so connect with the supported WiFI network with suitable bandwidth. 

  1. Open Your Browser to Load Webpage 

On your smartphone or PC, enter in the address bar to a webpage to visit the management page. It is recommended to have Google or Firefox browsers. In case, you have any problem accessing the page. Check your SSID which is wifi-2.4g-xxx. Make sure to switch off your mobile data.

  1. Use Password to Connect

After you access the management page, you are required to enter a default password. The Default password is Admin.

  1. Scan & Select Your Router

Scan the SSID from your router, once you find it then select it. Now enter your router’s password. 

Note: Make sure to enter the right password without any special characters like _, “,), >.

  1. Customize Your SSID & Password 

To custom set your WiFI booster SSID and password. First, use the default SSID and password which is the original SSID-pro-2.4G, with password abc123321. After setting your new ID and password tap next.

  1. Complete Setup & Reconnect 

Check wireless info and click Start Connect. Wait for a few seconds (30-45 sec)  to let the setup complete automatically. 

  1. Connect WiFi Booster to your Router Device

Once the setup is done, the led light indicates that your NextFi WiFi booster is on and running. Now you can connect it to the internet router.

Hands-On Nextfi Wifi Booster Reviews – Buy Nextfi Or Not?

NextFi might be a bit overpriced WiFi Booster with other cheaper options available on Amazon.  However, you can buy generic non-branded or rebranded WiFi extenders but they won’t be making any difference to internet speed and range. 

We recommend going with the known well-performing brand including TP-LINK & Netgear. TP-LINK WiFi extenders have a great reputation with satisfied customers. In case your house is within less than 1000 sq. ft then  TP-Link AC750 or Netgear EX5000 are highly recommended as compared to NextFi WiFI Booster.

Frequently Asked Questions

A device that amplifies and extends the range of a wireless signal

Yes, multiple NextFi Wi-Fi boosters can be installed to strengthen the signal further.

Place wifi extenders halfway between your router and the area where you want to improve coverage.

Yes, you can move your NextFi Wi-Fi Booster after installation as long as it is within the range of your router’s signal.

Yes, you can connect your NextFi Wi-Fi booster with older devices as long as they are compatible with the booster.

A wifi repeater works by receiving a wireless signal and rebroadcasting it to increase coverage.

To reset your NextFi Wi-Fi extender, press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.

The range of a wifi extender depends on the device and the environment, but it typically extends coverage by 50-100 feet.

Improve wifi connection by optimizing router placement, updating firmware, and reducing interference from other devices.

Make your wifi faster by upgrading to a faster internet plan, upgrading your router, and optimizing network settings.

Boost cell signal at home for free by enabling Wi-Fi calling, using a signal-boosting app, or creating a homemade signal booster.

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