To sneak past Ring Doorbell can be tricky yet not impossible. You just have to know how it works and manipulate it with the Doorbell’s mechanism. 

sneak past ring doorbell

This article is for those who want to sneak past Ring Doorbell system or if you are worried about the loopholes with which burglars can execute their theft. 

About Ring Doorbell – Shark Tank Doorbot 

The Ring Doorbell serves more than security. It is portable with a quality video camera which allows you to watch anyone visiting your doorstep. The sleek and modern design allows it to easily blend into your house’s exterior. 

With a built-in wide-angle camera, active motion detection, and audio communication, the Ring Doorbell makes it a foolproof security gadget. While you vacay out of the country, your Ring Doorbell will always be on the lookout for any possible intruders. The Door Ringbell comes with an app to customize your settings. 

Remember the Ring company? 

The Door Bot startup that was pitched on Shark Tank, seeking an investment of $700,000. However, it was declined but later was acquired by Amazon making $13.8 Billion in revenue. 

Practical Steps To Sneak Past Ring Doorbell 

  • Messing Up With The Ring Doorbell Wifi Connectivity 
  • Physically Manipulating The Ring Doorbell 
  • Covering The Camera Lens 
  • Sneaking Out In Front Of Ring Doorbell’s Wide-Angle Lens 

Messing Up With The Ring Doorbell  Wifi Connectivity

Here are 04 foolproof tried and tested hacks to sneak past ring doorbell successfully without getting caught.

Cutting Off The Wi-Fi Router Connection Temporarily 

Just disconnect the router as it will disable the Ring Doorbell for a while. You can disconnect the router without getting caught. 

First, unplug the router as it will stop any Wi-Fi signals broadcast to the smart devices in your home. After you sneak past the Ring Doorbell make sure to plug it back into the outlet. By doing this there will be no recording or detection of your activity. Also, check if the power strip is attached to the smart plug or not.

NOTE: The Ring Doorbell app doesn’t perform proactively at notifying when the Doorbell goes offline giving you a security loophole to take benefit of.

Physically Manipulating The Ring Doorbell 

Another interesting approach to sneak past Ring Doorbell is simply by gaining access to home Wi-Fi. You can hack into the Wi-Fi, if the password is weak enough etc. Now you can connect to the router’s admin panel and control all the connected smart devices. 

The majority of Wi-Fi routers have an IP address of Most people won’t even bother changing the default admin panel password or username. Intruders can use the previous username and password to gain access to the router’s admin menu. 

Now once you get access just restart or turn off your Wi-Fi router as it gives you enough time to sneak past Ring Doorbell. You can easily restart the router remotely without any suspicion. 

To cover your identity, you should always set a custom username and password on the Wi-Fi router. In order to find your IP address follow these steps. You can find the default username and password on the back of your router box or in the user manual. 

In case you lost the box or manual, you can search for your router’s default credentials here. Therefore, we recommend setting a strong Wi-Fi password and changing it frequently to prevent hacking. You can go one step ahead and shield your Wi-Fi router to make it difficult to detect and gain access. 

Covering The Camera Lens 

Take a piece of tape or gum and carefully stick it over the camera lens to Ring Doorbell. As it will cover the camera and the Ring Doorbell won’t be able to detect any motion nor notify the owner. 

NOTE: Make sure you put the cover over the lens carefully to sneak past Ring doorbell without getting caught in the act. 

This hack is only going to work for Ring Doorbell’s battery-powered camera as the built-in camera models are always on the watch. Do read all the relevant legalities for home surveillance before covering the camera lens as there could be rules about it.

You can go for a camera cover-up using a sticker instead of distorting the Wi-Fi connection to sneak past Ring Doorbell as it is much easier. With this technique, the doorbell will work but won’t be able to detect. Only a black screen recording will be visible once the camera lens has been tampered with. 

To avoid such incidents homeowners need to make sure to set up motion alerts for your Ring Doorbell. It will instantly notify you if someone messes up with your camera lens or comes near the radar and you will be able to take action immediately.

Sneaking Out In Front Of Ring Doorbell’s Wide-Angle Lens 

Another solution is to sneak past Ring Doorbell’s weak vision detector algorithm by moving carefully in its field of view.  The wide-angle lens is surely not perfect at detecting moving bodies specifically. 

sneak past ring doorbell

With a 160 Degree wide view angle, it does cover a big space of your front door but not with enough efficient detection as there should be. We recommend moving behind the tree to cheat the lens algorithm successfully. 

How To Jam a Ring Doorbell

Jamming Ring Doorbell with a signal jammer is an old but effective solution to sneak past Ring Doorbell in front of your home. Signal Jammers are great for signal jamming and interfering with wireless signals between routers and devices.

The range of a typical signal jammer or blocker varies on how expensive or cheap it is.  There are jammers for outdoors as well as for indoor limited areas also. You need to be sure about your signal jammer working properly to block ring camera function. If you live in an apartment then signal jamming can be an issue.

Note: Use of Signal jammers is illegal in many states and do check out with the authorities prior. Well, one good news is Americans avoid buying signal jammers as they don’t want to break any federal laws.

Frequently Asked Questions 

With the help of a signal jammer, you can jam and block all the wireless signals connecting Wi-Fi signals with a Ring Doorbell camera.

By hacking and interrupting the Wi-Fi router, you can block the Ring Doorbell camera and sneak past it. 

Simple, just unplug the Wi-Fi router plug from the outlet to switch Ring Doorbell off without getting your parents notified. 

One of the security loopholes of Ring Doorbell is that once switched off there will be no notifications sent and you can sneak out easily.

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